Once Upon A Time, there was a young girl who grew up in South Jersey, and moved to NYC to pursue a degree in Musical Theatre and Drama Therapy at Marymount Manhattan College.











That girl is me!

A Royal Beginning:

At my preschool graduation, I remember the whole audience laughing when I shared with them that I wanted to be a mermaid when I grow up. This just shows how much of a dreamer I am.  


I have always loved to perform and make others happy. One day I might be playing a princess, the next day a bubbly cheerleader, then a lost southern belle, and then the Easter Bunny.












This is also me! (I know, I know, I look a lot better in this picture.)


My biggest goal in life is to make others happy through theatre. I want to achieve this by continuing my work in performance, and teaching. I also am very proud of my own business "Book Brooke Princess Parties," where I volunteer at Elementary Schools as a Princess, and teach young students the importance of loving yourself, and following your dreams.

It Is Important for us to have dreams, no matter how silly they seem, because they make us who we are! I hope you enjoy watching me follow my dreams through this website, and I hope you follow your dreams too!




Brooke Caroline Burns 


P.S. I became a mermaid my senior year of High School, so who's laughing now?

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