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I AM SO MUCH BETTER THAN BEFORe...because now i'm a college graduate!

I am now officially a college graduate! When I started my journey in college, I was not studying the major that I wanted. I had originally been waitlisted for the Musical Theatre Program at Marymount, but still decided to go there. My heart was set on re-auditioning at the end of Freshman year, and getting in. And I did it! Three years later I now have a B.A. in Musical Theatre and a minor in Drama Therapy!

So what now?

Well, the future seems unpredictable with COVID-19 still among us, but I am doing my best to live in the moment.

I have been having an incredible time hosting zoom events through my company Book Brooke. It is amazing that I am still able to interact with an audience, and read stories and sings songs with them!

I have also joined an amazing company called the Virtual Babysitters Club. This is another platform where I will be teaching classes with my Book Brooke Character's in hopes to spread joy.

I know the future will be bright, and I am ready for whatever comes my way.

At the end of the day, I am thankful for my friends, family, teachers and classmates who helped make me the person I am today. Because of them- I am so much better than before!

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Raegan Herrig
Raegan Herrig
23 de ago. de 2023

Congratulations brooke🎉🥳


Shyla Laroche
Shyla Laroche
16 de jul. de 2023

Hi I am a kind follower from YouTube,and thank you for posting hilarious content and bringing smiles to others faces.


Samuel Lucas
Samuel Lucas
07 de jul. de 2023

Happy for you, Brooke!🩷✨

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