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When Will My Life begin?:Surviving the quarentine

I always say that I feel like I am in a sitcom/prank show. My life has had some funny things. And I always imagine that if I had a motivational speech, it would start like this: I took my drivers test 3 times, it took me 2 auditions to get into Marymount’s mt program, I always audition for the same theatre company each year knowing they don’t like me (because of a talent show I participated in once and no one liked my skit there,)it took me two tries to get into West Singers in high school, sometimes I go months without doing a “Book Brooke” gig, and I’ll proudly share that I went to 11 auditions (including 1 broadway show and 2 national tours!) since January and have only received 3 callbacks. Now that graduation is cancelled, I left Marymount without knowing it was my last time there, auditions are getting cancelled and the future seems uncertain, I remind myself of these funny moments. I remind myself that I’ve pushed on before, and I’ll keep pushing on. I’ve always found ways to keep being creative and to keep improving and I hope maybe I can encourage other people to do the same. I hope my professors and classmates know how much of an impact they have made on me. I have grown so much throughout college and I have so many people to thank for helping me along the way. If anything I just hope we all keep CREATING✨I am so saddened that graduation and the rest of the school year seems to be over- but I am grateful to keep singing and smiling and dancing. Maybe I’ll still decorate a graduation cap, finally sew the new Elsa dress I wanted to make, keep adding to my new website and one day actually make this into a really good motivational speech. All of those silly things I mentioned in the beginning have made me who I am, and this moment in time (and what I choose to do) will also create the person I am meant to be. This is all I have for now and if you’re still reading I really appreciate it. Remember, Rapunzel may have been trapped in a tower all her life, but that never kept her from DREAMING and LIVING and again, CREATING (did you see how beautifully painted her walls were?!?!) We can’t let it stop us either 💕

All the best,

Brooke <3

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